Wheeeeeeeeee… It’s a leap of faith.

I was browsing summer study options the other day and I ended up looking at this Creative Writing course.  At the time they had a spare place and it’s basically what I am looking to do so I’ve jumped blindly at it.  I haven’t sorted funding.  I haven’t sorted the time off work.  I don’t even meet the entrance requirements but I want to do it.  Previous lecturers on the course include well-known people such as Neil Gaiman.  They’ve accepted my booking fee on the proviso that I sort them out with a letter of recommendation and some sample writing.  I can do the latter but it’s not clear what they want for the former.  I hope a character reference is okay.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been at school and I am not going to lie – I find the prospect of all of this terrifying.


It seems that everywhere I go I see the iPad being mentioned.  It’s being mentioned in the blogs that I read, it’s even in the news, I even had a chat about it at a sporting event I attended over the weekend. If there’s one thing that I can be certain of it’s that Apple know how to stoke  the Hype machine.
The reviews seem to be mixed.  Some love it, some hate it and the common theme is that you need to touch it to understand it.  Personally I don’t really get the fuss.  Electronic readers, mobile internet gadgets, laptops and the plethora of related products have been around for a long long time.  Certainly it’s pretty.  I think it looks like a nice toy.   But is it worth the cost?
It seems to be the great hope of the publishing industry.  Here I think there’s been more than a little tail wagging the dog.  It seems that the mantra that everything on the web should be free doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny so long as you want quality journalism from people who need to put food in their mouths.   It’s no surprise to me that Murdoch has been mulling paywalls.
Certainly people seem to like the idea of getting their magazines and newspapers delivered to them digitally.    I would bemoan the passing of the paper editions – what else am I going to read when I randomly pop into a coffee shop without a book?  And on that subject why would people want to read books on it?
I like books.  I buy a lot of them.  I like that they don’t need batteries.  They have a high contrast ratio so they are easy to read.  I like the way they look and I even like the way a new book smells.  They don’t cost much to replace if I drop them in the bath and I even own them completely when I buy them; which means I can hand them to someone when I want or give them to charity.
But they can be heavy.  Carting around a library of textbooks has never been fun so I was surprised when it was reported that some students don’t think that the Kindle ebook reader was much cop for textbooks.  So could the iPad replace that?  I honestly don’t know.  From the report I would seriously doubt it.
In any case I just really don’t like Apple.  The whole touchy-feely turtleneck and sandal guitar strumming banality of it all grates on my nerves.  I seem to be the only person who could walk into one of their shops and immediately want to smash the place to pieces because I find the insincerity of it all so irritating.
Charlie Brooker sums it up for me.