Wheeeeeeeeee… It’s a leap of faith.

I was browsing summer study options the other day and I ended up looking at this Creative Writing course.  At the time they had a spare place and it’s basically what I am looking to do so I’ve jumped blindly at it.  I haven’t sorted funding.  I haven’t sorted the time off work.  I don’t even meet the entrance requirements but I want to do it.  Previous lecturers on the course include well-known people such as Neil Gaiman.  They’ve accepted my booking fee on the proviso that I sort them out with a letter of recommendation and some sample writing.  I can do the latter but it’s not clear what they want for the former.  I hope a character reference is okay.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been at school and I am not going to lie – I find the prospect of all of this terrifying.

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