Genius Telly…

I don’t watch much telly (at least not as much as I used to) but occasionally something catches my eye that interests me.  Over the last couple of weeks Channel 4 has been showing us the Genius of Britain.

This is a history of scientific thought starting around 350 years ago.  I have a complaint that it’s slightly English-centric and doesn’t really acknowledge the effect of the outside world.  For example in the first episode we hear of Newton’s long fight with Hooke but we never hear about this dispute with Leibniz.  In fact they gloss over the development of Calculus completely.   Perhaps the show might have been better if each of the greats had been treated to an episode each however that would have been a very long show.

All of which seems petty when you consider that if you watch this you at least get a broad-brush view of Science history.

Alternatively you could watch Xfactor and remain ignorant.


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