Foreign Genre fiction

I attended a literary event yesterday as part of the Leith festival. Strangers in a Strange Land marketed itself as 14hrs of genre mix matching. I was only interested in the SF strand slotted in for 5pm; this was a reading from a few short Japanese pieces followed by a discussion. It was unfortunate that we didn’t have more time for the discussion because I really enjoyed that part.
I’ve occasionally wondered how concepts alien to one culture were translated into another. Japanese in particular, seems to me to have a lot of ideas that would be alien to us in the West.  Edwin Hawkes the translator from High Castle clearly had a passion for his work so it was a real pleasure to hear him talk. The other panelists (Andrew Wilson and SF author Gary Gibson) also made interesting comments from their perspectives; Gary admitting that his experience mostly boiled down to whether he liked the cover or not (I got the impression it was generally not).
I always like finding things that are different. Whether I subsequently enjoy the find doesn’t take away  the excitement of trying the new thing out. While I was there I scratched that itch and picked up a copy of All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.  Hopefully next year it will be better attended.


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