Tentacle Love Tangle

I recently came across footage of a film called Monsters.  There’s very little out there about this film and the director seems resolute about not releasing a decent trailer.  Essentially this is a story of two Americans  trying to get home after being trapped in Mexico after a spaceship crashes releasing giant octopoid aliens.

Like Cloverfield it’s filmed with handheld cameras.  Intriguingly in one production video the director states that his crew consisted of a few people, 2 actors and they would just wander around shooting their film.  That was then sent back to the hotel where the editor would work his magic.  The post production has been done on a laptop too.

Normally I wouldn’t be so interested in guerilla filming but it does look well made.  Here’s a clip

It’s showing as part of the film festival up here.

I really hope it’s not as bad as Cloverfield.

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