The Way of All Flesh

"Planet Porno Bombards Earth! ... Awesome!"

Listening to something on the radio today I was surprised at the mention of this film.  Slipping into nostalgia I realised I’ve got some fond memories of this movie – and not for the reasons most people might expect.  I remember watching it and being surprised at the comedy and wry mockery of the old Flash Gordon Serial.   At the time I remember wondering why they bothered inserting all the porn.  No seriously it’s not as bad a film as you might think.  And if gratuitous nudity bothers you then there’s always the fast forward button.

Then there’s the character names: Flesh Gordon (natch), Dale Ardor, Emperor Wang (nuff said) and … Flexi Jerkoff.  I don’t think names get much better than that.

Oh and The Great God Porno voiced by Coach.

What was most surprising was the number of serious film people involved: Rick Baker (several Oscars…), Jim Danforth (animator) and allegedly John Dykstra (yeah, the Star Wars guy).

Is  it best to leave this film consigned to rose-tinted past or worth having another look?

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