RIP Chair I knew thee well…

It’s finally happened.

My chair, the one I’ve spent the most time in, the one supports me when I type, the one that’s always been there for me, has gone to chair heaven.  I was sitting the other day basking in the heat that  my newly repaired boiler was pumping into the central heating when, with a loud crack, the back fell off.  Needless to say I went over and ended up lying with my feet in the air.  I imagine it was probably very comical but as I was alone it was only me who laughed… once I finished groaning in pain.  Now I am in the market for a new Chair.

See I capitalised that last word.  I don’t think that many people are fully aware of the relationship between a man, his keyboard and Chair.  It’s very personal.  It’s something that’s built up over time… I invested a lot of time in that Chair.  Now that Chair is gone I feel the need to shed a little tear.  If there was a Chair  graveyard I would be there scattering lilies all over the place.

RIP Chair you will be missed.

Now I am in the market for a new one.  It’ll have to be one that I want to spend time with;  it’ll have to comfortable and also comfortable with my [sitting] habits.  In short it’ll be one that I want to spend time building my relationship with.  If only there was a dating website that allowed like minded people to meet the correct Chair…P

P.S. I want an Aeron.  I used to work in a business where we had one.  I am not kidding when I say that they are the best I’ve sat in… ever.   If anyone knows where I can get a good one at a reasonable price (no, I am not paying £800 or ever £400) then they need to let me know.

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