Forsooth! Boringness on the Beeb

Blighty is a strange old place.  Wherever you go you can hardly move for tripping over the crumbling remains of empire.  Of course that’s big news in the tourist trade, “Look there’s a castle! Oh look there’s a palace!  Gosh, real royalty!”  The Empire’s days are over (though we don’t tell that to the tourists) or mayhaps not if you watch British television.  Looking for something to have on while I spoon peas into my mouth I stumbled across Garrow’s Law.

This is a very strange show: mix one part period drama to one part courtroom drama with a pinch of social consciousness.  In this episode we see Mr Garrow hired to investigate insurance fraud in the slave trade – murky stuff among rum coves.  Everyone speaks in that weird Pride and Prejuidice diction even though they are clearly wearing modern sensibilities.  Of course everyone is well scrubbed and wearing the most vibrant of colours.   It’s the sort of backward looking frivolous tosh that the beeb regularly churns out.
And the really strange thing is William Garrow was a very real person!

M’luds, I am given to understand that this moving-picture show is on its second run!  Forsooth indeed.

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