Spoken Words in the Frozen North

Poets seem to have all the luck*.  They have regular performance events where they can stand up and introduce an audience to their work.  Not so prose.  It seems that the art of storytelling has lost the telling part – unless you have a bunch of books under your belt.  I was honoured to be included in the line-up for the Wee Red Gig.

The event was held in the Wee Red Bar at the Edinburgh College of Art which is a small place just off the central courtyard of the ECA complex.  After having my satchel searched by the obligatory Small Angry Man (who was very polite).  This is   all we had:  a mike to talk into and some lights shining in our faces.  It was great.  I’m glad my own work went down well.  All of the other stories were of a high standard and I was impressed with the range of styles (writing and performance) that were on show.  The Writers Bloc guys  were their usual professional selves and I have to thank them for giving me the opportunity to get up there and introduce my work to a new audience.  My only regret was forgetting to bring a camera and recording the entire show.

Next Time…

* Though I am told that poetry isn’t as popular as it used to be and it’s damn hard to make any money in it.

3 Comments on “Spoken Words in the Frozen North”

  1. Deb Wain says:

    Yep, people are always talking about ‘the luck of the poets’…

    Congratulations on your reading! Wish I could have seen you doing your thing 🙂

    • antihippy says:

      Well, I thought that might raise a chuckle from someone. How did your own reading go? When are you updating your own blogs?

      • Deb Wain says:

        Yes, I know I’ve been super slack at it. Teaching has still been nuts but I’m looking forward to things easing off pretty soon.

        My reading isn’t until the 12th Dec. (That’s right, a sneaky poetry anthology launch just in time for Christmas. Who says poets don’t understand marketing?)

        I did post the other day but only enough to say that I’ve got the launch coming up & invite people along (not really relevant to you since you knew already and it’s a bit far to go for afternoon tea…)

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