Yeah it’s pretty cold and pretty…

I’ve held off mentioning the weather.  It’s a perennial  favourite of us people from the top country in the 2nd tier of the world.  My guess is that it’s because weather here is so… interesting.  I once went to a gig where the band performed during a strange mix of sunshine, rain, lightning, hale, sleet and snow before the sun came out as they left the stage.  They were a black metal band* so it’s entirely probable they’d organised it with the bloke downstairs.  Fast forward a few years and this is what I am putting up with:

I love snow.  It’s great:   I love the way it looks, the effect it has on whatever it touches and the way it adds texture.  I hear constant whinging about it** – some people seem to suggest we’ve never had it so good –  and then there’s the whinging when we don’t … I say enjoy it while it lasts!

* I have to insist that I not be associated with this sort of music as I find it incredibly tedious.  Not so the girl I was going out with at the time.

** This one really gets on my nerves.  When did this country become home to 66 million Scrooges?

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