Anonymous Critiquing Bonanza

Quite a productive evening tonight.  I attended my first meeting of the Inky fingers group here in Edinburgh.  It was very interesting.  Seven of us submitted sample short pieces in advance,  these were anonymised and passed around.  We read the each and then had a discussion.  I really enjoyed myself.  There was a preponderance of poetry – that’s true – but I have to say that the standard was high so I didn’t mind.   My main enjoyment came from spending time with other authors and hearing their thoughts.  Everything was constructive and fair.  No one was picked on.  All in all it had a great atmosphere and hopefully I’ve made some friends.  I came away with a fresh perspective of what I had written and some notes on improving it.

It did what it said on the tin!

Thanks to everyone who was there!


The Forest Cafe is under threat.  The charity that owned and operated it has gone into administration.  Other arts venues owned by that charity have already been shut.  The folks at the cafe have been corageous and are attempting to take it under their own wing.  It is a unique venue.  Vist their site and make a donation if you can.


The Forest Cafe is not the only place that is under threat.  The Assembly Rooms on George St are due to be closed for renovation.  The reason for this renovation appears to be an excuse to install yet more shops (that won’t be used) and a restaurant (as if Edinburgh needs more of those).  Artsy types are rightly up in arms.

Please go take a look and see how you can help.

In brief.  This is a major venue that’s part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  Edinburgh has become a mecca this sort of thing.  You’d think that the council would ensure that it’s global reputation remained but this is also the same council that really doesn’t give a toss about Edinburgh’s UNESCO World Heritage Status.


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