Lies, Damn Lies and… the Joy of Stats.

I never thought I would admit to being excited by a television show about statistics* but BBC4’s new show is brilliant.   For once I am not going to complain about the BBC’s obsession with chasing after the ITV crowd.  Instead I’ll refer you to  this article by the Guardian.  Watch the video.  This is science (mathematics anyway) displayed in a manner that’s entertaining and educational.  If only my maths teacher had had the tools to do this I might be doing a different job now.

The Joy of Stats is currently on BBC 4.  Watch it.

And this isn’t the only show that the Beeb has made recently that’s actually impressed me.  There’s also the Beauty of Diagrams and David Attenborough’s First Life (which I hope they come back to and do more episodes).  It’s been a golden month for documentaries.

* Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised because I did watch a fantastic documentary about fax machines a few years back.

3 Comments on “Lies, Damn Lies and… the Joy of Stats.”

  1. Kerry Melville says:

    Fax machines? Really?

  2. Kerry Melville says:

    Just watched the stats video and I wasn’t traumatised so I think I might watch the episode. I will pass it on to Lorna too might help her in her stats hell.

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