I, for one, welcome our new Swedish Robotic Overlords

Imagine the scene, I am walking down Princes Streeet chatting to some friends when I notice a large gap in the buildings.  I scratch my head because I can’t recall what used to be there.  Later I sit down at my desk and find out what happened – robots demolished the vacant M&S shop to replace it with a Primark.  The story can be read here but I thought I would post up a pic.



The future is here and its demolishing one retail giant so that it can be replaced with another!

And about time too…

Christmas and New Year (Happy New Year and all that) were a busy a time for me and it’s really only now that I feel sufficiently over them to put fingers to keyboard and type.  I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but slightly before then I thought I might try a little experiment.

Some people may have heard of NaNoWriMo.  This is a month-long writing slog in November.  Take a look at the website there’s tons of information telling you what people get up to.  In essential terms the task is to sit down and write fifty thousand words aka “most of a book”.  Note that these words need not be good words… just words on a page that roughly resembles prose.  If you want you can go back and do the editing later though I note that everyone who does this doesn’t seem to bother.

I found myself thinking, “If November isn’t good for me (it isn’t for various reasons) when is?”  And so I came up with the idea of JaNoWriMo*  FebWri in stead.   During FebWri the goal is to shackle myself to the keyboard and see what comes out at the end.  The writing widow has agreed to take my internet router out of my flat for the month.  I don’t own a telly and supposedly  I will have no excuses about not bothering to do anything.

Come the 28th let’s see what happens.


* (Oops – what happened to January?)