An Evening of Death and … Operation

Last Friday night (16th of February) I received an intriguing invitation to join a bona fide secret society.  I was offered  a choice:  either go home to bed or attend An Evening of Death.  I was given the mysterious instruction to meet at “Doctors“.

After meeting the others we shuffled across the road and into the entrance of the Old College at Teviot.  There, we were invited to sign our last will and testament.   We also had to provide examples of things that should do before we die and the music we wanted played at our funeral.  Since you ask, I opted for:   see a monkey do a handstand on a goat (inspired by this video) and Flash! by Queen.   I was part of the first 100 and I got to go to heaven – which meant I got to boo everyone outside as they were the sinners (aka late).


Yes indeed - welcome!


The actual show consisted of a series of lectures and performances on various tangents about death.


Boo hissssss!


We had a lectures: on perceptions of death, Edison’s Phonographs and how people viewed disembodied voices, the “truth” of spiritualism and a biography of one Charles Lightholler.  We had a performing child prodigy (who played random tunes plucked out of our  handwritten cards) and a lady who played the Theramin while a robotic crow recited poetry – after all what could be more spooky!

At one point we chucked our wills into the basket and those successful (me and another fella) had to play Operation for a prize.  I won.  My prize … Operation.

I had a great time.  I would tell you more but I am now a member of the Edinburgh Secret Society and I don’t want to kill you.  Yes you.  The person reading this.  We of the society know who you are…


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