Mostly I will be in the corner developing RSI.

In my other guise as an active participant in a minority sport* I often find myself in the position of being the “old pro”.  You know, the guy who’s been around the block, knows the score and imparts words of wisdom when properly prompted (or when feeling properly grumpy).


Do people really expect to be this guy in 6 weeks??

Properly grumpy normally involves being asked a question such as, “Gee, you can do X really well, how can I master that too?  What’s the secret?”  The subtext being “How can I do this NOW.”  This answer is, invariably, practise.


People don’t get good at anything unless they put the hours in.  How good you get is almost directly proportional to effort – at least in sport – but applying a little common sense early reaps dividends.  Do the boring stuff,  find out how to get the information you need (Tip:  Wikipedia is not a reliable source!) and don’t ask self-evident questions of the irritated old guy in the corner.


* I’m a fencer seeing as you asked.


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