Author Declares War on Beeb

We had World Book Day here in the UK recently.  There was a lot of coverage on the Beeb*.  I don’t have a telly so only caught up later.  Something that slipped past me was that the Beeb didn’t give any serious coverage to genre fiction. “Enough!” declares the author Stephen Hunt after watching Books We Really Read.  It seems we really read anything other than Horror/SF/Fantasy.  His rant on the obvious snobbery is worth reading and he seems keen on starting a campaign for equal rights for equal books.  I agree with his sentiment even if I don’t agree with his use of Coronation Street as a metaphor.

Read Hunt’s entertaining rant here.

I should add that I got this from the Guardian article – thanks Guardian you may have redeemed yourselves after printing Mr Docx’s tedious complaints.

Interesting side note.  According to Wiki World Book Day is actually World Book and Copyright day.  I fully ‘fess up to being ignorant of that fact until today.  Wonder why no one mentioned it?

*  I did watch an excellent series on the history of books that I found on iPlayer.

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