To Lendle… or not.


For those not in the know, Lendling is using the Lendle site to get hold of free books using the Kindle’s built in lending service. Lendling is thus one of those composite words made up of Lend and Kindle.  Is it wrong that everytime I hear the word I think of Ivan Lendl?


Well well, in hardly surprising news Amazon has shuttered the new Lendle store/place/thing.  They have revoked it’s API license on the grounds that they were not following Amazon’s dictum that

“…  Lendle was built from the ground up to ensure that it would be beneficial to authors, publishers and Amazon.”

That last clause is interesting roll it around in your head and Amazon.  Maybe you want to speak it out loud.  It has an interesting sound doesn’t it?  I can see why Amazon enabled the practice in the first place, after all it’s a common criticism that when you buy software you buy the license and not the item itself.  This is a fundamental departure from the owning a physical object.  Of course people think these are books and want the same ability so I totally understand why Amazon gave the Kindle this ability.  But I don’t know if it’s just me but the end result was  I thought the result was more than a tad  obvious?

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