Keep Calm and Carry On

Please follow this useful advice.

I’ve been watching the relentless histrionics of the News outlets coverage of the stricken Fukushima reactor with a mixture of bewilderment and annoyance.  Finally, after being subjected to a news story that said, “Radiation from Fukushima reaches Britain!” followed by an almost whispered aside telling everyone not to worry because it will have no effect on us.

I thought, “What the fuck?”

Let’s recap.  Off the coast of Japan there is an earthquake, this causes some damage to the mainland but Japan is ready – so no biggie.  This earthquake is then followed by a huge Tsunami which swamps the east coast in a deluge of biblical proportions.  Japan is not as prepared for this but swings into action nonetheless.  All looks good despite the scale of the damage and casualties. Japans economy gutters and stops (though this is entirely a sideshow).

Then word gets out that a couple of Japan’s reactors are struggling.  Immediately the news outlets forget the thousands of deaths, the catastrophic damage, the efficiency of Japan’s preparedness.  Instead we get a steady stream of wildly over the top End is Nigh stories appear.  We’re told that reactors will explode, there will be another bigger Chernobyl or maybe the dreaded China Syndrome.  All the while the talking head experts trotted out are anti-nuclear and decidedly anti-science.  None of it is true and all it is the usual misinformation and scaremongering that further erodes the public’s trust in Science and rationalism.

And is it just me or is the real story the enormous loss of life caused by the awesome power of nature herself?

I’m tired of it.

Here’s a sober summary from the Register.

In the meantime do as the poster says Keep Calm and Carry On.

2 Comments on “Keep Calm and Carry On”

  1. Paul says:

    The hype surrounding the Fukushima reactors has been insane. The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami is 10,000 and rising. The death toll from the reactor’s is zero.

    The people who are talking about the problems in the reactors and not the natural disaster that preceded it really are missing the point.

  2. antihippy says:

    Yes exactly. It’s weird that so many people can be killed by something like that and yet, when a fashionably taboo technology has a few problems (and really it’s just a minor stuff) the press leap onto it. I guess too many people still think nuclear and think mushroom cloud.

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