It was a dark and stormy night …

… in the distance an owl hooted.

Is this the most clichéd opening line in history?  Probably and it’s certainly the first example trotted out in writing classes.

Perhaps the journalists involved in this gem skipped that class?

The black police dog winced as its paws touched the thorns on the bushes by the side of a remote beachside highway …

Or how about the closing line?

The wind whistled through the reeds and the brush crackled as the cadaver dog carried on sniffing.

You have ask yourself what the journalist was on when they wrote that article or more appropriately what was the editor thinking?   It feels fairly disrespectful to write about murder as though it were a few paragraphs in a trashy thriller.  I know that it’s fashionable to pass journalism off as stories – with added real stuff – but please guys just tells us the real stuff with added story.

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