Back in the 90s

I used to watch a lot of late night television.  Specifically the stuff you found on the tellybox at staggering in time in the morning. Channel 4, in particular, usually had something pretty good – or at least interesting – to cater to those of us drunkenly slumping in front of the telly kebab in hand.

I’ve got a lot of fond memories.

  • Late night sumo.
  • Old 50s Science Fiction B movies
  • An old American show called Burlesque – which I am sure kick started the curren revival in that form of entertainment.
  • The Hitman and Her (though that was more of a sort-of sodden fascination with Michaela Strachan’s mini dresses) – the show itself was dire.
  • And… finally The Trip

I loved this last show.  It was simply NASA footage strung together with dance music played over the top.  No narration, no explanation – nothing to put any of it into context.  It took me back to when I was a kid when I spent afternoon’s reading all I could about the NASA, Skylab, Apollo, Gemini, Sputnik, Gagarin – anything I could get my hands on that told me about the space race.

You can watch it on 4od right now.  It certainly is … a trip.

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