Spoken Blindly in a poetical way

Every month (roughly every 2nd Monday), at the Blind Poet here in Edinburgh, there’s a spoken word event called Blind Poetics.  It’s a mixture of poetry and spoken word from the local writing groups*.  It’s only been going a couple of months but I’ve been enjoying myself there.  In fact, so much that I did took a spoken word slot and read my short story The Equation.  It seemed to go down well  and I hope to do another – probably in August during the Fringe.


* This is Edinburgh so there’s a few.

One Comment on “Spoken Blindly in a poetical way”

  1. Deb Wain says:

    Well done, you! I would very much like to feel as if I was part of this reading, please send me a copy so I can read it myself. (I’ll even try for a Scottish accent although that might be a bit harrowing even in my own head – it seems even my brain cells are bad at accents!)

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