How metric ruined rock music!

A while ago I had a play with customising the look and feel of Firefox.  I was so chuffed with my efforts that I even posted up some instructions.  Well, there is a downside to playing around with the dark arts of the web.  Around then I realised I couldn’t get my copy of Firefox to display certain aspects of the web the way I wanted them.  There was no localisation available so I installed a Greasemonkey script to Britify  settings.  Nothing looked that different and I forgot about it.  Sometime later I was looking for some information on a rock band….

And this had been happening for a while.  I dimly remembered hearing Trent Reznor had fallen out with his record company … well I thought it had something to do with that… and yet I couldn’t find ANYTHING about that anywhere.  It was driving me nuts.  Today I had a confused exchange with a friend where it finally dawned on my that my little script was turning any mention of imperial units metric.  I blame the French!

What is the moral of this story?

If you make a mistake, be up front about it –  no matter how foolish you look.  And keep a sense of humour about you.  You made a mistake, you made yourself look a tit, you may as well ‘fess up and deal with it.

2 Comments on “How metric ruined rock music!”

  1. Deb Wain says:

    ‘Fess up? Nah, I’m all for blaming someone else! 🙂 Serves you right for being so smarty-farty with your browser!

  2. antihippy says:

    That’s a fair point. It did make me laugh though.

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