2 Evenings of Workshop

For the last two Mondays I’ve been attending a SF writing workshop hosted by Gary Gibson.  He’s a published professional SF author from Glasgow and all round nice chap.

I enjoyed myself.

I thought the group were a little quiet but then we didn’t really have enough time to get to know each other properly  The first evening gave Gary the opportunity to talk about the craft and how he got into it.  We went over the normal introductory creative writing themes and it was all handled very well.  The only new term that I wasn’t very familiar with was Cognitive Estrangement*.  Which was interesting.

Week two was more of a workshop session where we all sat around and critiqued a professional piece of work (The Light of Other Days by Bob Shaw) and then a piece written by one of the students.  I really enjoyed this session and we started to see the group come to life.  I was quite impressed by the guy whose work we critiqued.  He took everything on the chin… even my slightly harsh assessment.  Some of the people in group admitted to actually like it – and that’s fine we’re only talking opinion after all – so I think it was constructive all round.  Certainly not the worst session I’ve ever been to.

If I had one comment it would be that I think we needed longer to gel as a group.  Gary if you read this – next time make it 4 sessions over a month at least!


* or try this link from the lancet no less!


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