Is the future of big directors small films?

So what has Val Kilmer been up to these days?  Last time I saw him, I didn’t – he was the voice of KITT in the short lived Knight Rider remake.   I know he’s famously hard to work with but it seems a shame to leave him on the scrap heap – he was pretty good in Heat.  Today I found out.  He’s in the new Coppola movie Twixt.  Here’s the trailer:

What a weird film.  Looks like any King novel (they even joke about that) and what’s with the writer’s block speaking into the camera schtick?  Despite its strangeness I am intrigued and I’d rather be intrigued and see something interesting than something bland.  I’m looking forward to it.

For some really weird reason it reminds me of John Carpenter’s The Mouth of Madness.

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