The Tomorrow Project

The future will feature big blue retro robots!

Intel has hired Lex Luthor to “future cast” (aka guess) how we’ll be using tech in the near future.  He’s done this by doing research (presumably searching Wikipedia) and hiring a bunch of authors to write about the future.  I’ve not read the stories yet, they may be great, but I note it’s a bunch generally unknown within the SF writing group – or at least to me.  On the list I’m only aware of Scarlett Thomas – who a friend described as over rated. And I admit a shudder went down my back when I read:

Brian David Johnson is a futurist and future caster at Intel Corporation


In the interests of fairness I’ll have to download the anthology and have a read myself.

If you’re interested click the link.

PS.  I’m only kidding about him being Lex Luthor.  But he does look eerily like the Smallville version.


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