The Man Himself


So I saw Neil Gaiman yesterday and my opinion remains the same. He is a great writer and an engaging speaker.

He talked at length on how he feels about writing, where he gets some of his ideas from and whether there will be sequels to some of his popular books. I particularly enjoyed the story he told about his favourite book which he found in a bookshop situated in a converted hospital.  I want to go there.

I enjoyed myself.

The Guardian have a selection of quotes from the show.

What did grate was the sycophancy.  There’s no other word for it.  The guy who introduced him gushed for a couple of minutes about how great Neil is.  I wondered if it would be good form to stick fingers down my throat.  I thought, “Yes yes, he is – now can he speak?”  At one point during an anecdote, the audience burst into spontaneous applause (led by an over excited teenage girl) and I leant over to my friend and asked “Why is everyone else applauding? ”  She replied, “No idea.”

But don’t let my irritation put you off.  I believe it’s possible to read his work, watch his films and digest his comics without being infected with over eager fan-ness. And he should be appreciated he is a great author.



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