Stephen Hawking and the Brave New World

There’s a new show in town and it invokes the departed spirit of Tomorrow’s world, on Channel 4 Stephen Hawking presents the Brave New World. The irony is not lost on me.

This a science sketch show where a host of celebrity scientists talk about the new discoveries they find exciting.    It’s very utopian.  There’s not much discussion of the implications.  Technology is only presented in a benign light and, such as in the case of exoskeletons, where there are obvious military uses these are glossed over.  That’s both refreshing and slightly irritating.  All of the scientists appear to talk about these emerging tech’s with that gosh-wow world view that I’ve only ever seen in some of the early 20s science fiction that I’ve read.  But it is a worthy successor to Tomorrow’s World -t at least tries to show you the potential of some of the R&D that’s going on out there.   It doesn’t patronise as much as Bang Goes The Theory or have the pure entertainment feel of Brainiac Science Abuse.  It’s worth checking out and then remembering that even the much-missed Tomorrow’s world covered the development of the Cruise Missile* as a worthy technological pursuit.

Watch the show anyway.  It’s certainly a great place to mine ideas from.

* It’s doubtful that those 80s presenters imagined seeing them fired at civilians 20+ years later.

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