Short Film: Archetype

I’ve been keeping an eye on this little short for a while.  It got flagged up as part of my project on future film making.

Watch this film.

It’s about a combat robot that develops feelings.  Or is it?

An archetype is something very typical or original that has been imitated.  Bear that in mind when you watch the film.  In terms of Science Fiction the concept isn’t exactly new but it is extremely well executed.  I don’t think this is surprising considering he’s worked in make up and effects since 1985.  Among his credits is work on Sucker Punch (visuals not story … thankfully), Incredible Hulk and The Mist.   If you watch right to the end you will get to see some of his concept art for how he wants to take the story forward.   According to this interview he’s interested in making a full length feature.  I hope he does.

If you’re interested in the background of the film of the film then take a look at the making-of and gallery over on the official site:

9 Comments on “Short Film: Archetype”

  1. ExpatPaul says:

    I saw this the other day – it is a very impressive piece of work. You are right about the concept not being exactly new, the the execution is superb.

    I hope he does manage to turn this into a feature.

    • antihippy says:

      Yeah, I agree. Anyone who can turn this out for next to no money should at least get a crack at something more.

      Is it just me or is it becoming more common for directors to make small films like this, which they release publicly, in the hopes of attracting the opportunity for something more?

      • ExpatPaul says:

        It’s certainly a more noticable trend, although I don’t know how new it is. As I understand it, there have always been directors making short films in order to gain attention but – in the past – the only forum for these films has been the Short Films segment at various film festivals.

        What is different is that they can now put these films online and gain a much larger audience much more quickly.

  2. antihippy says:

    Yeah, I think it’s a great way of getting exposure.

    Obviously this guy is a pro but, as the cost of cameras and effects come down – and the mainstream’s poor efforts at thoughtful film making – whether low-cost independent film might be where we see the good SF. I also wonder if the lack of decent SF on telly will drive some web TV shows to get made collaboratively. Have you seen the fan Star Wars made from stitching together 15s pieces? It’s very impressive and shows what an amateur community can do. Whether such a community can be galvanised to produce something completely original is another matter.

  3. ExpatPaul says:

    I think you’re right – the mainstream is leaving a huge space for intelligent SF and that does leave an opportunity for independents, with smaller budgets, to screen more interesting films.

    What I did find – a while ago – that was interesting and relevant is It’s a collaborative film-making platform backed by the people making Iron Sky (I film I really do want to see) and is geared around brining film-makers together on a project by project by project basis. Platforms like this do provide an opportunity to harness the potential talent in the fan community and, hopefully, we will see some good stuff coming out of them.

    I saw the first hour of the Star Wars fan film. It is an impressive piece of work and I do mean to go back and watch the rest as soon as time allows.

  4. antihippy says:

    I watched the whole Star Wars film. It’s a great example of film editing if nothing. I wasn’t all that fussed about Iron Sky (I kept getting Sky Captain deja vu) but after the last trailer I think I might change my mind. They certainly know they’re tongue is stapled to their cheek. And it’s got Udo Keir in it.

    Thanks for recommending wreckamovie. I found the Cosmonaut on there and that looks quite interesting!

  5. ExpatPaul says:

    I have to admit that I quite liked Sky Captain. The Iron Sky film looks like a lot of fun and I’m optimistic about it. After all, if you have Udo Keir in your film, you must be doing something right 😉

  6. antihippy says:


    We have to agree to disagree over Sky Captain.
    I really wanted to see it.
    And then I saw it and wished I hadn’t.

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