So I didn’t win.

As anyone who has checked in here recently knows I entered the Light Reading competition over at the Diamond Light Source.

I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me – because of you I made the shortlist. Many Thanks.

Unfortunately I didn’t win. That honour goes to Tanian Hershman – congratulations to her!

Time to enter more competitions I think!

2 Comments on “So I didn’t win.”

  1. Your story was great. The next one will be even better! You got on the shortlist and that is a great result. I know you wanted a win, but let your appearance on the shortlist warm your cockles for a while.

    How did you feel about running a social campaign for votes? was it fun? Did everyone you know do the decent thing and vote for you? (I did, of course.)

    • antihippy says:

      I hope everyone that I know voted for me; but not because it’s me (though I am great – it’s true) but because they liked what I had written. Ultimately I have no way of knowing so I accept and trust those that did vote.

      Did I like running a social campaign? In a word no. Self promotion is one of the things I like least about this sort of thing. I know how I feel when all I see from people are endless tranches of pleas. So I felt uncomfortable asking people to vote.

      Having said that, I recognise that it is part of the game, I understand that there’s nothing wrong with promoting your own work – after all you have to believe in it. I wrote a good story, I enjoyed the process of creation and I can’t win them all. I was up against stiff competition. Creative folks with good reputations and skills.

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