The Esoteric Fantasy of Vaesen

Vaesen is great little animation I found today and I’d like to share it.  Watch the video below.

It’s the Bachelor project of Adrian Dexter.  According to this interview Adrian:

… I wanted Rankin-Bass on acid, written by Borges.

He got my attention.  The animation style is more esoteric than most mainstream productions and reminds me of Shakespeare: The Animated Tales.  There’s no dialogue, just post-rock themes and it has a dreamy quality that I really enjoyed.  For those interested, if you click here, you can watch a short making-of.


3 Comments on “The Esoteric Fantasy of Vaesen”

  1. That’s lovely – thank you for sharing!

  2. Josh says:

    Wow, I wish someone was making feature length movies like this!

  3. antihippy says:

    Hey guys,

    Yeah, I think it was a great find. I wish that there were more serious fantasy cartoons out there. Especially if they are as interesting as this one. I can only think of a couple of films that are truly adult fantasy animations (without being smutty).

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