Saturday Morning Space Art

There’s something about Science Fiction art that I’ve always found fascinating. When I was a nipper I used to get books of it out of the library and spend hours just flipping the pages back and forth: goggling at giant space battles, wondering at alien landscapes and feeling sad at crashed spaceships. I used to ask myself how it would feel if I were involved such epic scenes.

Check out this little video of an upcoming animation called Liquid Skies:

I think it looks like it’s going to be a great little film. The art takes me back to those days spent in the library.

It’s a work in progress teaser from Annis Naeem and you can see more of his work on his site:

The music isn’t bad either.


At Last! Light at the End of the Tunnel…

… or at least the cool blue glow of a backlit keyboard.

I have my new laptop. It arrived yesterday while I was in deep talks with our new Sales Manager on the subject of international fisheries policy. More interesting than it sounds but not as interesting as finally being able to get back to where I was a year ago. My pet nerd thought it would be funny to hide it and wind me up further by suggesting that the courier had left with my morsel of consumer electronics tucked under his arm. Damn him.

I have it now, time to hit my word limit!

They Took More Than The Laptop…

“Sir, we don’t want you to worry. Can you come home soon – your house has been broken into.”

And with those words my working day ended and a stressful night began. When I got home there was mud on the floor, an open window and 2 policemen insisting I put bags over my feet. At first it didn’t look like anything had gone, certainly nothing important:  savings jar still present, large monitor and old pc still sitting there, and then I realised that my laptop was missing.

I work in IT and I learned a valuable lesson that night. I would be sacked, potentially prosecuted if I had not found a way to reliably back up the information we store locally and yet I didn’t apply this to my home life. So what did I lose? About a year’s worth of writing projects. I can attempt to recreate some of them from memory but they won’t be those pieces, all that time and investment has gone.

So think of this a public reminder. If you store anything important on your PC/Laptop/Phone then find a way to store it somewhere securely. You can store backups with a friend or in the bank, use an online storage provider (Skydrive or Dropbox for example) whatever it takes. Oh and if you want to get proper security encrypt your computer – at least that would force most low level criminals to just wipe it before they gain the benefits.

So I’ve been quiet while I work through the ramifications of that little event.

I’m still waiting on a new machine to arrive but that’s a different story.

So what happens after?

Zombies are everywhere. They are climbing up out of the sewers, chasing people across deserts, running, jumping, hopping and scotching… they are everywhere. People have needlessly inserted them into literary classics and even had famous dead presidents chase them in ludicrous action films. I think it’s fair to say that, “Vampires are so last year darling.” [Please say that with an East European accent.] In recent years, following the apocalypse of the American Dream and the collapse of the modern myth, Zombies have been chosen because it is suggested they are more than the sum of their rotten parts.

I’m getting a bit bored of them if I am honest. There’s only so many takes on the patient zero story I can stomach. I think it’s time for them to go back to the grave for a bit. Or is it?

Take a look at this short film. Spoiler asks the question, “What if we won?” and I think it answers it well. If there’s a TV show or a film about zombies to be made I’d like it to explore this universe.

No more patient zero. No more riffs on Day of the Triffids. No more hicks in the Midwest. Something different please.