So what happens after?

Zombies are everywhere. They are climbing up out of the sewers, chasing people across deserts, running, jumping, hopping and scotching… they are everywhere. People have needlessly inserted them into literary classics and even had famous dead presidents chase them in ludicrous action films. I think it’s fair to say that, “Vampires are so last year darling.” [Please say that with an East European accent.] In recent years, following the apocalypse of the American Dream and the collapse of the modern myth, Zombies have been chosen because it is suggested they are more than the sum of their rotten parts.

I’m getting a bit bored of them if I am honest. There’s only so many takes on the patient zero story I can stomach. I think it’s time for them to go back to the grave for a bit. Or is it?

Take a look at this short film. Spoiler asks the question, “What if we won?” and I think it answers it well. If there’s a TV show or a film about zombies to be made I’d like it to explore this universe.

No more patient zero. No more riffs on Day of the Triffids. No more hicks in the Midwest. Something different please.


4 Comments on “So what happens after?”

  1. Shimky says:

    That really is pretty good!

  2. Shimky says:

    I’d have shared this on Twitter with 225 people if you had the button!

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