They Took More Than The Laptop…

“Sir, we don’t want you to worry. Can you come home soon – your house has been broken into.”

And with those words my working day ended and a stressful night began. When I got home there was mud on the floor, an open window and 2 policemen insisting I put bags over my feet. At first it didn’t look like anything had gone, certainly nothing important:  savings jar still present, large monitor and old pc still sitting there, and then I realised that my laptop was missing.

I work in IT and I learned a valuable lesson that night. I would be sacked, potentially prosecuted if I had not found a way to reliably back up the information we store locally and yet I didn’t apply this to my home life. So what did I lose? About a year’s worth of writing projects. I can attempt to recreate some of them from memory but they won’t be those pieces, all that time and investment has gone.

So think of this a public reminder. If you store anything important on your PC/Laptop/Phone then find a way to store it somewhere securely. You can store backups with a friend or in the bank, use an online storage provider (Skydrive or Dropbox for example) whatever it takes. Oh and if you want to get proper security encrypt your computer – at least that would force most low level criminals to just wipe it before they gain the benefits.

So I’ve been quiet while I work through the ramifications of that little event.

I’m still waiting on a new machine to arrive but that’s a different story.

4 Comments on “They Took More Than The Laptop…”

  1. carolinevon says:

    I’ve got copies of everything you’ve sent me, but I suppose that’s not much help. As you say, it’s not the exact pieces but different versions of completed projects. Golly, what a loss. I feel your pain!

    • antihippy says:

      Yeah, I’ve got everything I’ve sent to you (thankfully) but there were bits and bobs on there no one had seen. Plenty of fragments waiting to be reused. I’ve been hoisted by my own laziness here. Since then everything has been Dropboxed. I even use online storage for my work projects now.

      What’s weird is finding out that I needed my laptop to write. Sitting at the desktop just isn’t the same plus the other half needs it for “telly purposes” (and that causes a lot of conflict). Been a bad month all told but the fact I’ve updated this is a sign I’ve gotten over it and started to organise myself again.

  2. ExpatPaul says:

    That’s terrible – you really do have my sympathy. As you say, even if you try to recreate some of your work, it will never be exactly the same – it must be painful to lose that much time and effort.

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