Bad News Day

Here’s  a typical Scottish morning.

I get up. It’s misty. I go to work and, if I need the caffeine, I pick up a cup of synthi-cafe from the local globo-megacorp distribution point. On the way to work I read a novel (if you’re curious it’s currently Solzhenitsyn’s First Circle). I try not to get too annoyed at touristy crowds and holes in the road.

Today I check the news and find that the bad news bears have been exceedingly busy overnight.

This last one is going to pass many people by. Read The Stainless Steel Rat if you can. It’s very funny and Jim DiGriz is one of the first antiheroes I ever remember rooting for. He also wrote Make Room, Make Room! Which was later adapted into Soylent Green. I’ve never read the book but apparently it’s better than the film.
All in all it’s been a bad news day. The world has become a little more bland. And I hate synthi-cafe.

3 Comments on “Bad News Day”

  1. Deb says:

    I hope you put that synthi-cafe into your Australian-invented keep cup! Sorry you had a crappy news day. Tomorrow might be better (tranq dart those bad news bears if you can).
    PS it was misty here today too but then again it IS winter.

    • antihippy says:

      Hey Deb,

      I’ve had worse days but this one just caught my eye and I felt like making something of it. It’s about time I got working on something creative and this is the first time in a while I’ve felt like putting fingers to keyboard.

      And as for the bad news bears.. tranq’ darts are too good for ’em!

      ps. I have a special cup I pollute with synthi cafe. Not my lovely Keep Cup!

  2. ExpatPaul says:

    Harry Harrison has passed away.

    Sad news indeed. I loved the Stainless Steel Rat novels as a teenager but the ones that stayed with me most were his West of Eden trilogy (West of Eden, and two sequels). It’s a clash of civilisations between cavemen and intelligent dinosaurs that was so well researched – and so brilliantly written – that I am now motivated to go and read the whole trilogy all over again.

    He’ll be missed

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