I, for one, welcome our new Swedish Robotic Overlords

Imagine the scene, I am walking down Princes Streeet chatting to some friends when I notice a large gap in the buildings.  I scratch my head because I can’t recall what used to be there.  Later I sit down at my desk and find out what happened – robots demolished the vacant M&S shop to replace it with a Primark.  The story can be read here but I thought I would post up a pic.



The future is here and its demolishing one retail giant so that it can be replaced with another!

Colouful concepts

When I was a kid I remember picking up one of my dad’s SF books and being fascinated by the cover.  It was the bright orange cover of Asimov’s Foundation’s Edge.  When I was next in the library (remember those?) I searched around till I found a book of SF concept art.  I can’t remember the book title but there was one picture in particular that has stuck in my head.  It depicted a crashed spaceship in a jungle on an alien planet.  Out of the smashed cockpit hung the remains of the pilot.  Tendrils were growing from everywhere: out of the suit, all over the ship, from the eye sockets of the pilot’s skull…

I’ve been a bit of a sucker for alien landscapes ever since.  Today I came across this neato blog.

Pretty cool?  Click on the pic for more.

Alert! Geekery ahead.

I am going to publicly fess up to being a geek.  Yep, I am a walking talking stereotype.  That is… apart from having impeccable taste.

Not interested in geeking out with me?  Please ignore this post.  There should be something more interesting further down.

For the past wee while I’ve been using Chromium.  “What’s that?” I hear you ask.  Well it’s the developer version of Chrome – aka the unGoogled one.  There’s a couple of different branches to this particular browser, Google use it for testing new features in their browser, while others use it to produce a secure browse.  I’ve been using Chromium for a while because it lacked all of Google’s branding and also because I thought that the interface was pretty slick.  It IS an extremely agile browser.  Compare it with dross such as IE (and Safari)…  Firefox also seemed to have run off the rails.

The Mozilla browser had become bloated, took ages to load and it was looking quite dated.  Step forward mighty Google… and thus my flirtation with the dark side began again.  You’d think that I would have learned after the debacle of the earlier browser wars, and the software monopoly of Microsoft.  But, Chromium is a great browser it’s just that it’s backers New Satan don’t seem to look like the good geeks they purport to be.  I had an increasingly bad taste in my mougth so I thought I would take a look at the new Firefox (version 4).  It’s really good.  Really nippy and by switching back I can go back to the nice safe unobtrusive browsing I used to have.  And I feel much better for it – like I’ve been to geek gym!  I even managed to hack together a pretty slick interface rejig for it that I thought I would share:

I can’t take credit for this.  It’s actually a slightly tweaked look taken from this guy’s site. I salute you sir!