Lion says vote for me!

We here in the wacky olde U of K are going to have some elections soon.  Up here in the cooler areas we’re voting in our next group of illustrious leaders while down south it’s the party minions and at the same time we’re going to have a vote to decide how we’re going to vote next time.  At the moment we have First Past The Post (FPTP).  On the surface it’s simple and fair with ever citizen eligible getting one vote for their local representative and ultimately which the group they belong to.  Eventually one group will win and we will have a new government.  all very and fair and simple you’d think except it’s not.  And here’s why:

OOooh that evil Gorilla!

Well we’re being given a choice:

Hm.  It’s not much better but it’s a start.

So I’ll vote Leopard at in the booth and for AV.